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this is the place where i talk about random garbage so go back if you don't wanna hear it

March 4 2024- Ready Or Not Review

January 4 2024- Happy (late) New Year!

April 6 2023- not too fond of datae.

January 8 2023- australian censorship

December 16 2022- lost phone

November 4 2022- i use arch btw

September 25 2022- Literally 1984

August 5 2022- school camp

July 22 2022- Paying respects to the amogus pinball machine.

June 30 2022- school pinball machines

June 28 2022- Why is Windows 9x so hard to setup on virtualbox?

I understand the Windows protection error stuff, that's unavoidable, but why are drivers so hard to install? I keep trying to install graphics drivers but they always either bluescreens or crash the virtual machine.

After going through all that, I gave up and just used VMware. It's way easier and it even has an ability to install VMware tools. Basically what i'm trying to say is Virtualbox sucks.

June 22 2022 (again lol)- My first follower!

I know this is weird, but for some reason someone followed this garbage website. So I just wanna say thank you Crispyapple, for following this website.

June 22 2022-

so uh, this is where i'll talk about random stuff, so come back for more posts about garbage that you probably don't need to hear